Possible targets pt. 1

I’ve yet a few more promising star systems to research, but let’s split the post in two. So, without further ado…

Alpha Centauri

  • 4,37 light years away
  • three star system, Alpha Centauri A and B and Proxima Centauri
    • Alpha Centauri A has 110% mass and 151,9% luminosity of the Sun, yellow in color
    • B has 90,7% mass and 44,5% luminosity, orange in color
    • Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf
  • Slightly older than the Sun, 4,5-7 billion years
  • planets:
    • Alpha Centauri B has one planet, 20,4 day orbit time; too close for life. Possibility of other planets in the habitable zone (0,5-0,9 AU)

Barnard’s Star

  • 6 light years away
  • low-mass red dwarf
  • 7-12 billion years old
  • 0,14 solar mass, 15-20% of the Sun’s radius
  • planets in the habitable zone would be very close to the star and suffer from solar flares etc.


  • 6 light years away
  • consists of Sirius A and B
    • A is about twice the size of the Sun
    • B is a white dwarf
  • 2-300 million years old
  • orbit each other in 50,1 years
  • no confirmed planets

Epsilon Eridani

  • 10,5 light years away
  • at least one giant planet in orbit, 2 asteroid belts. May have another planet within a dust belt
  • 82% of the Sun’s mass, 74% of the Sun’s radius, 34% luminosity
  • presence of a large planet at a close proximity to the star makes finding a planet in the habitable zone (0,5-1,4 AU) unlikely

Tau Ceti

  • 78% of the Sun’s mass, 79,5% radius, 55% luminosity
  • planets:
    • possibly five in orbit, all larger than Earth
    • orbit periods 14-640 days
    • two of those in the habitable zone
    • debris risk about ten times greater than in our solar system, makes life unlikely in the system

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