Happy New Year and stuff

First off, Happy New Year to all and everyone.

My unofficial but very real holiday break is now over. Unofficial because I really didn’t say anything about it to anyone, and real because I spent both Christmas and New Year’s eve in places without internet connection.

(I also had no recollection how stressful and tiresome my line of work is during the holidays, even after 6 years on the job. If you think shopping before Christmas is bad, try working retail.)

First post for 2016 then! I don’t have anything really new to post – my parents made a point of not letting me bury myself in books over the Christmas weekend and my husband’s drunk friends aren’t really conductive for doing research either. I’m sure you know how someone pushing a beer can your way and insisting you go out for a smoke and shoot rockets is way more fun. At least until the next morning arrives.

So, I figured I’d write a word or two about Goodreads. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the site, but here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

Few months ago I finally got around to registering. I’ve no major beefs with the site, per se, just that when you’ve over 460 books and you’ve read maybe three times as many the managing of said literature turns out to be a bit of a hassle.

I downloaded the app for my tablet (I think it’s unofficial? Hasn’t been updated in ages…) and tried adding books while watching TV. Well, the app goes unresponsive after 4-6 searches. Don’t use it unless you really buy your books one at a time. Or if you only want to use it to see what you already have (that you’ve put up with something other than the app).

Unsurprisingly, there are no apps (at least any that seem trustworthy) for Windows phone. That really is not a surprise, but it would have been handy to have a list of your books wherever you go to. You know, because of all those inspiring conversations you have with people until you can’t remember the name or author of that one killer book. You never have that happen? Well, aren’t you the first person ever – or just equipped with way better memory than me (either way, I’m jelly).

But yeah. So I’ve been procrastinating adding my books (160/463~?) because when I add them on the tablet I have to go over them on my PC to make sure stuff is where it should be and making sure I’ve got the correct edition chosen out. Work in progress, at this pace never to finish.

Maybe someday I will have all my books up (even those I haven’t found in the database yet). Until then, if you’re interested, my shelf can be found over here.

If you happen to have any useful tips send them this way. Could really use some.


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