Possible Targets Pt.2

I just realized I never actually followed up with this. Let’s fix that right now, shall we?

Gliese 581

  • 20 light years away
  • has 3 confirmed planet
    • possibly 3 more
    • at least one of the planets is too hot to sustain life
    • one confirmed to be in the habitable zone
  • red dwarf star
  • has a comet belt surrounding the system at ˜25-60 astronomical units

Gliese 667

  • 23,6 light years away
  • 3-star system
    • A and B orbit each other in 42,15 years, C orbits the pair at a distance of 230 astronomical units
    • A has 73% of the Sun’s mass, 76% radius and 12-13% luminosity
    • B has 69% mass and 5% luminosity
    • C is a red dwarf with 31% mass, 42% radius and 1,4% luminosity
  • C has at least 2 planets
    • one of these may have liquid water and is warmer than Earth


  • 25 light years away
  • blue-tinged
  • 455 million years old
  • 400% of the Sun’s luminosity, twice the mass
  • fast rotation makes the star wider in the middle
  • surrounded by a debris disk spanning 70-100 to 330 astronomical units (may reach as far as 815 AU)
  • may have a planet or planets larger than Jupiter on orbit
    • may also have a planet the size of Neptune and smaller planets closer to the star

Small fun fact: can be seen during the summer in the Northern hemisphere, where it will shine brighter than the last star of Ursa Minor’s tail, roughly opposite to said star.

Gliese 876

  • red dwarf star
  • 32% mass and 1,24% luminosity of the Sun
  • at least 4 planets in orbit
    • two of those may be about the size of Jupiter
    • two are in the habitable zone, 0,116-0,227 AU
  • depending upon theory thought to be either 6,5-6,9 billion years or 0,1-5 billion years old



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