Springtime Blues

I’m not a spring person.

I don’t mind the winter, even though the Finnish winter is very long and very dark. But when the winter starts to draw to an end I’d just want to skip the next step, be done with ice and snow and cloudy weather. Snap my fingers one morning and get a sunny sky and warm weather.

Of course it will never work like that and I have to live with melting snow revealing all sorts of gross things hidden underneath until grass starts to grow and hides it again.

Nature is starting to get all creative, but all my creativity goes down the drain. All I’d want to do is sleep, the more the better.

Getting myself to start doing anything during springtime is next to impossible, all I get going is procrastination. That is also one job no one ever gets finished with, curious that. Always something more to do in that regard.

There’s only one known upside to this: it’ll be over eventually. By the end of April the weather will be reasonably mellow, trees get some leaves going and not everything is monochrome anymore (apart from the 70’s-80’s apartment buildings, but those are monochrome all year ’round).

So, yeah. I’m going to sleep until April’s over (I wish, gotta go to work every day anyway). Unless I get a totally unprecedented spurt of inspiration before then, I doubt I’ll get much done. I don’t really think it fair I push out something mediocre and uninspired only because I feel I should.

So, see you in a few weeks.