Summer Reading Progress

Well, I overestimated the time I would be allowed to read in peace. As usual, my husband was unable to find anything not currently in his hand and had me fetch whichever required but conveniently forgotten item from wherever he’d left it. I did get something done, though, and in honor of it I shall tell you as well.

Catherine the Great & Potemkin got the most love, 2/3 and a bit read. I wanted to finish it but realized I’d probably have no time to read anything else, and so put it down to rest. I thought I knew most of what I really needed to know on the subject, but I never knew how wrong I was. ‘Potemkin villages’ were just lies made up by people jealous of his accomplishments: few claimed as such include Odessa, Sevastopol and Dniepropetrovsk (originally Ekaterinoslav). Potemkin used the majority of his later life building the cities in his newly conquered territories, largely with his own money or money given by Catherine.

Fascinating. I really wish I had known that when I wrote about the villages in a school essay years ago. Oh well.

My second read was the Pamuk, Museum of Innocence. I didn’t get far past the 100 page mark when I realized it’s a book better fitted for bath rather than summer cottage. Or rather, not a rainy summer cottage. Had the weather been hot and sweaty it might have worked better. Didn’t continue, but will when I next fill a bath.

I did like it, don’t get me wrong. It just didn’t have the right feeling for that place at the time.

I mentioned the weather. Yeah, turned to relative crap on the second week. The first was alright, sunny and hardly any wind. Yeah, no such luck that we’d got some real sun: the wind picked up and brought clouds from somewhere (don’t really care other than that they could’ve kept them). And the clouds chose our cottage to rain over. Periodically, just so that you have enough time to assume there’ll be no more water and dry enough go out and get comfortable.

It wasn’t cold though, so it was bearable. My husband went back with his brother and it’s apparently 14°C and raining now.

The third attempt was my re-read project of the Shadowmarch Quartet. Got a decent chunk down between rainy spells, but I’ll have a long way to go before I get past the familiar ground.

I’m not entirely happy with my progress, but hey, as I said, I had other stuff to do. Like the sauna, the beer and general relaxation. Also, I did manage to clean the entire upper cottage, it was filthy. Clearly no one had bothered to mob the floors in years and whole generations of beetles had gone to die under the dinner table (I don’t know why it’s there, there’s really no need nor room).

And don’t get me started on the ants that had infested the wall next to the built-in bed. I had to sleep on it for two nights and I spent the whole night in fetal position trying to not touch the walls to not get ants on me.The ants had also left a lot of sawdust behind from their tunneling in the walls.

That’s enough for now, I suppose. I’ll get back to it when I actually get something finished…


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