What’s this here blog?

In its most basic form, this blog is a tool for me to develop my writing and the world(s) I want to create.

I want to write here about what the creative process for me is like. Most likely I’ll have some lists, ideas and other funky paraphernalia here – to be quite honest, I’m not myself quite sure yet what all kinds of weird posts this blog will garner.

Who’s the writer?

I’m a 28-year-old female living in southern Finland. I’ve been writing for over 10 years as a hobby. I’d sure love writing to be profitable enough for me to make a living out of, but as my guidance counselor told me ages ago, you can’t make a living of it around here.

Generally, I prefer to write in sci-fi and fantasy settings, but have been known to occasionally dabble in romance or mystery. Huge worlds where everything imaginable is possible are my favorite playgrounds.

Other things to know:

If and when I actually manage to write an actual original story, link to my fictionpress page will be provided. That is where the actual story may be found, this blog is more like a medium for me to keep myself focused.

I also have a fanfiction.net profile. If interested, you may also peruse my work there. Thus far it’s limited to Lord of the Rings stories (one story, to be precise), but if and when I find my lost fanfic inspiration more may surface.


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